Mankind’s miracle of existence – the temperature median

Mankind's Miracle of Existence - the temperature median

Mankind's Miracle of Existence - the temperature median

I once watched a documentary on the mysteries of the Universe, I forget how the exact title went, but it showed how man’s survival and very existence in this Universe wasn’t by sheer chance but by design. The probability of all the conditions to come together and provide the correct living environments for men to survive is so incredibly low and thus the narrator proclaims that the touch of God was required for this to occur.

I was intrigued by this topic and the probability of life manifesting on earth and thought of another potentially zero probable condition for men to survive which is temperature. The temperatures of the earth are such that it can sustain life and my question is how wide is the scale of temperature. If the temperature scale is so wide as to be infinite then we have another situation where the chances of life occurring is exceptionally low in probability thus giving further claim to a ‘helping hand’. In order to better substantiate my data we need to figure out what the upper temperature scale is.

An article posted in the inside called ‘Hottest Temperature in the Universe Measured’revealed a temperature of 4 trillion degrees Celsius measured by the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton (*1). The measurement was made in a collision tunnel used for bombarding atomic particles at very high speeds. This was a measured temperature as opposed to a theoretical upper limits of temperature which some sites have quoted (*2) as 2.538 x 1032 degrees.

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