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I remember when I was at school at the tender age of thirteen I think, I had a home work assignment of a short essay that I needed to write and hand in the next day. While I was contemplating what to write, I came across my trusted Oxford dictionary and thought to myself that I would go through the book and select words that I could use in my essay. This was a very odd method and one of my family member frowned at the prospect of writing a short essay based on random words selected from the dictionary. Nevertheless I continued as I usually do.

I as I was searching for good words, I came across the word ‘boisterous’ and said to myself ‘what a colorful word, I must use it somehow in my essay’. Don’t tell me how I managed to write an essay with such random words but I think I remember pulling it off and feeling a bit proud of that. Although my grades may have had something to do with the fact that I never used that technique again.

The meaning of the word ‘boisterous’ from looking at Google means ‘(of a person, event, or behavior) Noisy, energetic, and cheerful; rowdy’. In normal usage why would someone want to say ‘that was a boisterous crowd’ when they could easily say ‘that was a noisy crowd, or a rowdy crowd’. If you do have an occasion to use such a word, I would make sure that you are directing the words to someone who at least understands what the word roughly means. The word in written English is almost always directed towards a crowd or a group of people. If you were to ask me when the best usage of the word would be, it would be somewhere in the middle when the crowd is noisy but not near rowdy.

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