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I actually believe the British have invented this word and take this word more seriously than any other nation. Let me explain. I believe the word became more important as a result of the many years of colonization of the British rule. The general rule is that if you want to be accepted by other people it is good policy to speak about them and be ‘considerate’. This is true when you meet people of different cultures and background and to show people that you are considerate to their needs and do not want to overstep your boundaries. It may very well have been this policy which led the British Government to rule over ¾ of the world at one time with bigger landmass than any other empires such as the Romans, Mongols etc.

The question is, does the word ‘consideration’ still apply in the modern times especially after the British rule has diminished to a small state and also does this word apply in our daily affairs. Furthermore, if we consider the super-nation of USA, which is a very mixed hodgepodge of cultures all somehow working together towards greater goals, does this word have any significance or importance. I believe we need to thank the British for instilling such a viable quality this word imbues although other empires have have had policies that practised on this vision to some degree. However, I feel that the British by embodying this vision of the ‘other party’s interest’ and elevating ‘consideration’ to another level have lifted many nations to their own way of thinking. This maybe grand credit indeed to bestow to the British such accolades regarding their influence on other nations that was under their rule. Influence they did, and perhaps bringing many nations to a better standard of life.

So what exactly does the word ‘consideration’ have that it should be used in the context of shaping an entire nation. We all know that nations are built and shaped from a seed of thought and this is true in the case here. We have a select few who are visionaries in their own area and the plant a single seed of thought such that they can shape the minds of many. One can go back in time and find many examples of these occurrences in our history. The British adopted anew route to colonization in the time span it briefly occupied and it worked for them. There were some recourse to force in adopting their policies but their general rule of colonization happened through cooperation and consideration. This new ideology was implanted in the leaders of the countries they were occupying with the intent to lift people out of poverty and provide a new and better way of life. The purpose of injecting fear was also adopted especially amongst the nations that did not have an advanced order of life which in today’s terms could be considered as exceptionally cruel. Remember, various rules (thoughts) were submitted by small select people in order to influence the way of the people and change their lives.

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