Jack Reacher doesn’t reach new heights, sadly

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Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher is a movie based around the novels by Lee Child and produced by Tom Cruise and also stars Tom Cruise. The beginning credit makes sure of this fact. This movie has had mixed reviews from critics but overall the movie seems to have been well received by the public domain. Today the movie industry needs to always innovate and come up with new ways of telling a story to keep the public engaged and keep coming back to movie theatres. I feel this movie has been designed to address this. While the movie works well in some places, it actually fails in other areas.

The basic premise of this story is that Jack Reacher is called in to investigate a deadly crime by a former army officer that he had investigated in his early army career. After Jack Reacher had left the service a few years ago, he had removed himself altogether from his previous life by removing his identity from all government sources. In actual fact Jack Reacher was a loner and a drifter with no general aim in life. Although he does for a moment explain his situation in one part of the movie where he asks the lawyer to look out into the offices pointing to people who are helpless in their lives and makes the argument that all of them would have chosen different lives had they know what kind of life they were going to lead. However, this simply just equates to the dreams of most people who do in fact want freedom in their lives without being locked down in a world they have no control. Hence the desire for most people in the general populous to obtain financial freedom through winning the lottery, doing business and other entrepreneurial ventures. Perhaps Jack Reacher is indirectly trying to say how he was not satisfied with his previous life. Although this does make you wonder because Reacher had an impeccable record in the army where most people would give their right arm to accomplish half the things he had accomplished in life.

The sudden appearance of Jack Reacher at the beginning of the movie at the police station where he went to great lengths to hide his identity seems a bit fantastic. I fear that the movie tries to stick to some of the storyline of the book and thus can seem somewhat artificial because of the challenges of the ‘storytelling’ in the limited 2 hours. Some of the ‘artificiality’ or unrealism was also felt when the female lawyer who represents Barr the convicted murderer tries to talk to the families of the slain victims. It seems very incredible that any family members would sit with any calm or demure with the lawyer who is defending the accused. There are no believable reasons of why this lawyer should choose to take on this case. Also, when the lawyer meets up with the district attorney (DA) who happens to be the lawyers father, the scenes are again flawed by the DA showing any form of anger to her actions in trying to talk to the victims families.

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Jack Reacher doesn’t reach new heights, sadly, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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