The Big Bang Theory – A Personal Viewpoint

I was intrigued by Stephen Hawkings highly praised documentary on cosmology called ‘Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking’ which comes in 3 episodes. I watched both the ‘Time Travel’ (episode 2) and ‘ The Story of Everything’ (episode 3). Oddly enough, I thought he should have put the 3rd episode in first position but this is occupied by the episode called ‘Aliens’ which I have yet to watch. Nevertheless, I was captivated and somewhat motivated to write something of my own after watching these two episodes. I particularly liked the third one since he describes how the universe came to be where it is and hence my reason for putting it in first position. The other two basically addresses the two most intriguing topics that have puzzled mankind throughout centuries ie. aliens and time travel.

Hawking starts by describing how our instruments of the modern century has allowed mankind to answer some of the most perplexing questions about the universe. Instrumentation of today has allowed us to measure radiation ‘red-shift’ which is an indicator that the universe is expanding. By extrapolating back to its source, we are able to determine that the universe is about 14 billion years old and originated from a single point. Hence the theory of Big Bang. I found it intriguing that Hawking went as far as to describe the singular point where the Big Bang theory started. His description of the cosmic blackness where there was no ‘outside’ but an ‘inside’ where a mesh of energy flowed and existed seemed a bit far fetched. Granted, that this documentary is designed to tickle the fancy of many people who are not versed in the areas of quantum physics but he could have very well stopped there. It reminds me of times when religious clerks provide descriptions of events that are vague or not talked about in the great religious texts but they somehow find a way to provide a good visual representation with ease. I personally would stop at the singular point where the big bang occurred since the idea of a single point is plausible but interpreting its structure is purely speculative.

My description would go something like this, while the Big Bang theory is plausible based on the scientific evidence of the red-shift and other observations we cannot quantify what this singular point may have consisted off, but we can only speculate. My thinking is that the point where the Big Bang had originated is open to many ideas and none would fit the domain of our own understanding of this universe. In another documentary on the subject of Big Bang that I stumbled upon called ‘How the Universe Works’ hosted by Mike Rowe, they go into more details about the Big Bang. Here they have indicated that the expansion from the single point went from a single atom to a tennis ball so fast that it was actually faster than the speed of light. Here is further confirmation that the laws of physics just did not apply to the single Big Bang. Based on this, I would not even contemplate and understand why a puny singular point had the capacity to create a massive universe with all the galaxies, stars etc. inside of it. It is just mind boggling. Think about an atom with the capability to be split with an energy equivalent to create this massive universe, our current understanding of physics just does not apply. We can do all the collisions we like in our collidors to break up atoms, but unfortunately, we will not be able to replicate the vastness of the universe or get near to understanding it.

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