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The ecommerce engine offered to you is a culmination of 3 years of research & development and rigorous testing. Most of the features can only be found in high-end ecommerce sites but by creating our own unique back-end platform we are able to offer you incredible features for a fraction of the price. Our many years of experience in developing & marketing high-end and high-trafficked websites has enabled us to pass on our knowledge in the form of a free booklet, which is a must for every estore owner but offered at no-charge if you buy one of our stores.
Full unique website design

- Company logo and slogan
- Main index page with your own content and images
- Other pages with your content
    - about us
- contact us

Modern shopping cart

  - Only 3 step process for buying
- Repeat customer retention through login access
- Zip calculator
Store manager
  - Access to manage your own store
- Create & manage items (with images), categories, sub-categories
- Manage your customers
- Manage orders
- Apply your own shipping & handling fees
- Screen-shot of store manager interface
Ecommerce hosting & features
  - Free domain name for 1 year (*$20/year)
- Free 3 months hosting (*limited time only, nominal charge; $19.95/month)
- Secure gateway transactions (*1% transaction fee)
- Free license to use our own unique shopping cart
- Disk space 200MB, bandwidth: 10G/month
- No set-up fee
- Full money-back warranty!
Marketing your site
  - Free keyword additions to your site to boost search engine positioning
- Free entry into our communalmarket.com (google page rank 6) directory service
- Free up to date valuable 6 page report on online marketing (normally sold for $100, free to you)
(1) Please provide clean graphic or specify text with style for inclusion on site
(2) Domain renewal $40/year after the first year
(3) Hosting $29.95/month after 3 months - no fixed period, cancel anytime
(4) Secure communalmarket gateway (fee 1%)
(5) Keywords specifically added to the index page for SEO
With store manager you have full access to an array of easy-to-use
features. This allows you to effectively maintain and manage your
items and products on your website.
Some of the features include;
  Create an Item with images
Upload a list of multiple itms all at once
Manage categories on your site
Manage customers
Manage orders
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